WWE laughs at TNA

" As mentioned earlier, Hulk Hogan's signing with TNA was a hot topic at the WWE tapings on Tuesday. The general feeling among WWE wrestlers was that Hogan and Eric Bischoff will ruin TNA. Nobody in WWE seems concerned about TNA because of the signing."

What comments is WWE supposed to leak out about the situation?

No matter what, their going to downplay anything TNA does.

ArtV -  Everyone laughs at TNA really.  I mean they have a six sided rimg and then a mile long list of laughable things.


Everyone who actually knows about, cares enough about, or even watches TNA, that is.


You have an unhealthy obsession with the sides of the ring. I think it's kinda cool, but don't really notice it too much.

actually now that TNA is pushing the younger talent instead of all these old dudes their shows are getting much better and as long as Eric Bischoff thinks for himself he's good for the company. I don't think Hogan will wrestle as much as insert himself in other ways.

Does MMA bother you whne they have a 6 or 8 sided cage? like I said, I don't even notice.

 If TNA changes their creative and bookings, that will help alot to improve the product.  The wrestling is better on TNA when the geriatrics aren;t in the ring

TSMontana - Isn't TNA taped and WWE live? Couldn't they give away the TNA Impact results on Raw? I'd laugh if they did that even once.
I remember when WCW pulled that shit when Mick Foley won the world title - everyone ended up changing the channel to Raw


TNA has signed Hogan, Bischoff, and Vince Russo. I'll vote up the person who correctly completes this quote:

"Those who don't learn from history are ......"

"...gonna run wild on YOU, brother!"

And Hogan has been quoted as saying his say-so only stops at Bob Carter.

TheDomester - "...gonna run wild on YOU, brother!"