WWE Ratings For Each Worker

The Wrestling Observer recently released a 4 month study of how each worker effects the ratings for WWE's television shows. Although I'd love to see such a study focus on the span of an entire year, there's much to be learned from these results.

I have divided the results between the two brands. Note The first number is the total number of viewers gained or lost during the 4 months of the study, and the second number is the average per segment.

Smackdown Results

Top 5

1. Vince McMahon +11,263,000 +625,720

2. Stephanie McMahon +6,201,000 +620,100

3. Kurt Angle +6,032,000 +402,130

4. Brock Lesnar +5,879,000 +326,610

5. Eddy Guerrero +4,966,000 +310,375

*Part time worker Zach Gowen scored +7,269,000 +484,600, second out of the entire roster during his limited appearances.

Entire Smackdown Roster

Kurt Angle +6,032,000 +402,130

A-Train +350,000 +70,000

Basham Brothers +439,000 +43,900

Shelton Benjamin +3,350,000 +304,545

Chris Benoit +3,425,000 +311,360

John Cena +322,000 +22,130

FBI -188,000 -29,500

Zach Gowen +7,269,000 +484,600

Eddy Guerrero +4,966,000 +310,375

Billy Gunn +1,676,000 +279,330

Charlie Haas +4,787,000 +299,190

Matt Hardy +243,000 +20,250

Hulk Hogan +3,746,000 +468,250

Brock Lesnar +5,879,000 +326,610

Stephanie McMahon +6,201,000 +620,100

Vince McMahon +11,263,000 +625,720

Shannon Moore -250,000 -50,000

Rey Misterio +1,106,000 +100,550

Nidia -444,000 -111,000

Jamie Noble +65,000 +8,130

Rhyno +1,181,000 +131,220

Rikishi -443,000 -110,750

Big Show +3,895,000 +299,620

Spanky +51,000 +12,750

Tajiri +1,166,000 +89,690

Undertaker +2,265,000 +226,500

Torrie Wilson -284,000 -56,800

This will focus on the Raw Roster. As before, the first number is the total number of viewers gained or lost during the 4 months of the study, and the second number is the average per segment.

Raw Top 5

1. Chris Jericho +7,071,000 +261,890

2. HHH +6,944,000 +408,470

3. Steve Austin +6,873,000 +429,560

4. Bill Goldberg +6,833,000 +427,060

5. Ric Flair +5,078,000 +282,110

Entire Raw Roster

Steve Austin +6,873,000 +429,560

Eric Bischoff +2,671,000 +381,570

Garrison Cade -163,000 -27,170

Christian +2,245,000 +132,060

Dudleys -412,000 -37,450

Spike Dudley -707,000 -117,830

Ric Flair +5,078,000 +282,110

Mick Foley +2,870,000 +574,000

Bill Goldberg +6,833,000 +427,060

HHH +6,944,000 +408,470

Molly Holly +46,000 +5,110

Hurricane -900,000 -69,230

Chris Jericho +7,071,000 +261,890

Mark Jindrak -1,091,000 -181,830

Kane +3,774,000 +251,600

Gail Kim +1,413,000 +235,500

Rodney Mack -1,983,000 -180,270

Maven -1,029,000 -114,330

Shawn Michaels +2,396,000 +266,220

Kevin Nash +1,575,000 +143,180

Randy Orton +1,413,000 +88,310

La Resistance -745,000 -41,390

Rosey -1,092,000 -156,000

Scott Steiner +306,000 +30,600

Lance Storm +413,000 +41,300

Trish Stratus -965,000 -96,500

Booker T -424,000 -70,670

Test -1,174,000 -117,400

Rob Van Dam +747,000 +53,360

Which workers LOSE the most veiwers on average?


Average Viewers Lost Per Segment

1. Nidia -111000

2. Rikishi -110750

3. Torrie Wilson -56800

4. Shannon Moore -50000

5. FBI -29500


Average Viewers Lost Per Segment

1. Mark Jindrak -181830

2. Rodney Mack -180270

3. Rosey -156000

4. Spike Dudley -117830

5. Test -117400

I'm shocked at the Torrie Wilson & Trish Stratus #s. Must be a bunch of Faygots watching the wrasslin these days.

And WTF is up with the Dudleys losing viewers???

*shocked at cena's numbers...*

Smackdown Roster Thoughts:

People often ask "why is Vince putting himself on television so much?" These numbers give you the answers "why" it is done. He is by far the best ratings draw in the entire company.

Why is Stephanie on so often? Again, because she draws ratings.

A big test for my theory that what draws television ratings, and what leads to success in traditional revenue areas (PPV's, House Show Attendance & Merchandising) are divided, will be tested by last night's WWE No Mercy PPV. Conceivably, a PPV show built around the brands two biggest stars (Vince & Steph) should draw well in terms of buy rates. Now if (as forecasted) a show featuring the two strongest ratings draws bombs, their is a huge problem with WWE's marketing strategy.

Both Kurt Angle & Brock Lesnar draw ratings numbers in line with their positions in the company. Yet when featured in an hour long Iron Man Match, ratings went down. It should be no surprise then, that HOW Vince markets guys like Kurt & Brock, had to be changed (meaning more sports entertainment, and less wrestling).

Eddie Guerrero has been a surprising ratings draw, and his recent push is a reaction to his numbers. Yet note that his push has largely involved skits (Lie, Cheat & Steal segments, septic tank, low rider appearances, in ring promos).

Others scoring strong include Big Show (had the four month study started in April, Paul would be in the top 3) Chris Benoit, Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas & Undertaker.

Billy Gun is a great example of someone who consistently draws good numbers, but fails to break into the top tier. In other words, he's strong but limited.

Rey Mysterio, much like Gunn, is also limited in his appeal. He is by far the best drawing Cruiserweight, but fails to crack the upper tier. This is why Vince has always preferred "bigger" stars because those are the type of workers who if they do get over, stay over longer and become more lucrative draws.

Raw Roster Thoughts:

Chris Jericho is a valuable asset to the company. He appeared in more segments, and drew more viewers, then anyone on the Raw roster. While his average per segment increase was lower than some others, NOBODY haD a greater over all impact.

For anyone who questions "why" Hunter was the Raw champion for nine month's, the answer should now be obvious. Levesque is an indispensable part of the show. Had he worked the same number of segments as Jericho, The Game would have been number 1. Since Hunter went on Hiatus, ratings have been down for Raw every single week!

Stone Cold averages higher ratings increases per segment than anyone on the roster. It's a shame that he can't compete in the ring anymore.

Goldberg draws strong ratings. He was the ONLY person on the roster, who could serve as Hunter's replacement. At least temporarily. It will be interesting to see if he can stand the test of time, and maintain the momentum now that he's on top.

Ric Flair is still popular. Much like Jericho, he's often featured in multiple segments (promos, backstage skits, run ins). He's a work horse & a valuable part of the show.

Surprisingly, Christian scored very strong. He outscored, Randy Orton, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Scott Steiner & RVD. A bigger push may be in his future.

Earth to RVD, GET OVER YOURSELF! You're not main event material, and never will be!

The fact is had all the viewers that quit on wrestling not went away the Mcmahons would be on the bottom.

"i'm pretty sure mcmahon, and hhh for that matter have higher ratings...because they're on tv more."

That's why the average per segment is part of the study, to correct such assumptions.

"if someone shoots a gun at you from a half mile away..the odds are that eventually, you're gonna get shot. comparatively, if you are on tv more than anyone else, you will be seen more."

The study is more of an illustration of how well the gun men shoots, his ability to hit his target, both in total & on average per shot.

The more a particular worker is on television, the more definitive their drawing power (or lack thereof) would be proven. This is why the study includes not only total cumulative numbers, but the AVERAGE impact per segment.

The advantage of having the best ratings draw on more frequently, would be similar to how a baseball team positions it's batting line up. Those who are good hitters will benefit the team & score more hits & runs, while those who are poor will have low averages and strike out o fly out with more at bats.

Using Raw as an example, a team would want the top of their order to be someone like Chris Jericho or Ric Flair, who both perform best with multiple at bats, and sets up the show for the final overruns. The power/clean up hitters would be guys like Levesque & Goldberg, who are the strongest per segment draws, and can conceivably carry the main events regardless who they are paired with. Austin would be like a DH, who can't play in the field, but can be used in stand alone promo segments, & final quarter hour appearances with someone like Goldberg or hyping the teaser for next weeks show.

A great example of the power of average drawing power would be Mick Foley who scored +2,870,000 (total) with a +574,000 (average per segment). His limited appearances made his brief appearances "must see" for his long time fans. Yet had he appeared more often, more likely than not his average would have come down. In other words, much like Austin, he'd make a great DH for Raw.

The top 5 of each brand, each draw significantly higher number of viewers than the rest of the roster, every time they were on television, regardless of which quarter hour they appeared on, or who they were featured with. Being on television "more", solidifies the impact of their average impact.

In terms of the opposite case, using Test as an example, the "more" he is on, the more devastating the loss of viewers (over a million viewers were lost during this four month stint). The more he's up, the more he chokes.

Absent merchandising success (which makes Trish & Torrie valuable) those rounding out the bottom tier, who consistently lose viewers, are very much expendable, are candidates to be sent to the minors (OVW).