WWE Royal Rumble Script Leaks

An early script for the Royal Rumble has been circulating online, listing the match order and times for those matches. These following times include ring entrances, the match and then the post-match happenings...
* Kaitlyn will defend the Divas championship against an opponent to be determined – 10 minutes
* Team Hell No vs. Team Rhodes Scholars – 10 minutes
* Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show World Heavyweight title match – 20 minutes
* CM Punk vs. Rock WWE title match – 30 minutes
* The Royal Rumble match – 70 minutes
The script does not have winners or the order of Rumble entrants and does not include any other matches that have been discussed.

Pffftttt. Even if the leak is legit, all of this can and probably will be changed quite a bit besides Punk/Rock.