WWE Sends TNA Legal Papers..

WWE has sent tna legal warnings if they use ken anderson on tv before his 90 day no compete clause... TNA has laughed at the letters and jermey borash and tna creative are pushing for an angle that could debut on this weeks impact hyping ken kennedy debut at slamaversary.. TNA is going to use the document on impact or the ppv... And The Promo Kennedy is going to do rips apart randy orton and vince mcmahon this can get really good lol...

Tna is pushing vince mcmahons buttons got to love it... Go TNA..

Anyone know the legal ramifications of him violating the clause?

they'll be in big shit if they use kennedy before his clause is done.

Update... Randy Orton is getting nuclear heat in the locker room over anderson's release... Ken Kennedy has alot of close friends from matt hardy, jeff hardy and alot of guys have spoken up for anderson and how there not happy with the way he was released...

Many backtage view orton as a diva and blew things out of proportion and used his stroke... Many of the boys now refer to orton as "diva"... WWE under presure reached out to kennedy about reconciling but kennedy declined and Has Agreed too a 2 year deal with tna wrestling more on the story as it delvelops...

WWE Sent tna legal papers after kennedy declined a return to wwe... After wwe found out about anderson heading to tna for 2 years and debuting him at slamaversary cutting a shoot promo on orton and mcmahon wwe decided to enforce legal action...

Officials In Tna are laughing at the legalities and want to strike while the iron is hot and debut him asap as kennedy is drawing alot of publicity for himself and tna... More on the story when it delveopes...

awesome. Good to see guys stand up to Orton.

So WWE offered Kennedy his job back? LMAO


This is nothing in comparison to what Bischoff and WCW initially did, but it's a good little spark which will hopefully, in time, ignite a big fire.

If they can push Vince's buttons to the point where he begins publicly acknowledging them, this could get really good. If Vince acknowledges TNA, that gives them instant credibility as competitors.

Now, they should have some of their guys show up at WWE shows to keep things going.

I think it's funny.

Kennedy was on a very big run when he had the money in the bank case but of course injuries derailed that push...

Kennedy is too proud to take his job back and wants to stick it too the wwe so that I admire...

This could get good. Hopefully they can use him sooner then later.

Ken Kennedy is loveing the attention he is receiving now from all this...Kennedy wanting the fans to get behind him and be fan accesible letting anybody add him to facebook and replying to mails on facebook and his websites...

Seems mr kennedy is hotter than ever considering the situation... There once before where wwe released the boogeyman and 3 days later he was rehired back to the wwe cause booker t and a few other wrestlers stood up for him...

Samething happened here with wwe offering him his job back but kennedy telling them to shove it... I think kennedy will shine in tna as he will be more of a major player there....

Nuckin Futs - The only thing I really remember about Kennedy is that he was in the last match of Eddie's life on tv.

 I still remember all the 'Kennedy killed Eddie" stuff. Kennedy himself even talked about it in WWE magazine.

he won't do anything in tna really,but that first push with him ripping on vince should be huge.

Can he legally show up on tv in TNA if he is not getting paid?

CryLikeAGirl - Can he legally show up on tv in TNA if he is not getting paid?

i was thinking about that. they could say he just ran in from the crowd and grabbed a mic. nothing we could have done to stop him.

When Sable appeared on Nitro (but I don't think they mentioned her by name), were there any ramifications?

Or TNA could just pay whatever fines are involved, if the payout of Kennedy shooting on Orton and Vince is that much greater.

Why do people even care about that guy? He sucks. His gimmick is holding a mic from the old days?

Im just curious where are you getting this info cause I cant find any of this on any of pro wrestling sites.

ttt 4 a source

ArtV -  I guess those in the company seem to forget about what Vince did to their last employer-well, that was actually a good competetor.

WCW is like GM and when the factory closed, they all went down the street and got jobs at at the car wash.

And whats messed up is that WCW had more $$$ than WWF during their wars- they just mismanaged it so badly. Have no idea if TNA has the $$$ that WCW did