WWE Sends TNA Legal Papers..

wcw didn't have the money. time warner had the money. they just stopped handing it over.

So wait, he turned down a job in the WWE to go to TNA for less money? Good luck to him I suppose.

He was never anything special in the WWE, even though they made him out to be. His promos were bland(fell asleep dozens of times during his feud with HBK), and he isn't a very organized wrestler.

He got push after push after freakin push and in some way shape or form he would screw it up.

ArtV -  " Have no idea if TNA has the $$$ that WCW did"

LOL they have nothing, they are so small time that it isn't funny

While they may not have Ted turners or Time Warners money, if they are on national TV and run ppvs regularly they are not "small time."

so did ecw when it folded.

So shamrock4life hasnt showed up since we asked him how he got this info.