WWE severs ties with DSW

World Wrestling Entertainment has ended its relationship with Deep South Wrestling. For the past two years, DSW has served as one of WWE's developmental territories. Check back here as more information becomes available.

As of now, Ohio Valley Wrestling is the sole developmental territory for WWE. There are rumors of a new developmental territory launching for WWE shortly.

credit wwe.com

I wonder if all the developmental talent in DSW will be kept and moved to OVW.

probably. most of the developmental guys that made it from DSW were moved up to OVW before their debuts on the big shows anyway

Ace Steel & Colt Cabana in OVW??? Fuck yah SCS motherfuckers

Booker T is running the new developmental in Houston,Tx.

Its just in its infancy right now but they have relocated several workers to Houston to get this up and running.

I have a buddy that was flown up to OVW was strongly considered for a deveolpmental but was told to stay put in Houston and just work with Booker.

They only started running shows in December once a month but they are starting to pick it up now and even running a show in South Africa.

According to my friend Booker is very passionate about bringing wrestling back to Houston like back in the Paul Boesch days.

PWA is the name of the new promotion and their website is "www.bookertonline.com".

This is where they sent Boogeyman after he was brought back in.

Houston? Man, Booker needs to base himself out of Dallas and the Sportatorium! Old School, BABY!

hells yea

Sportatorium = vacant lot now

then rebuild the fucker!

Looks like this was the death blow for DSW. From the dirt sheets:

"As a result of WWE severing ties with the Deep South Wrestling, Jody Hamiliton has decided to shut down operations. Apparently one the reasons WWE decided to cut ties with Deep South is due to Hamilton agreeing to a television deal with Canada's The Fight Network without seeking permission with WWE."