WWE stuck in quicksand

If tonight’s Raw is their answer for AEW’s momentum, they are in big trouble. Their only creative idea was to have their entire roster do back to back to back tag team matches for 2 hours. Big yikes. WWE’s tag division is trash. Nobody cares.

They don’t have the talent anymore to create a dynamic show.

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WWE sucks

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I turned it on for a minute and saw that Drew McIntyre was wrestling Sheamus. Then turned back and watched Thor Ragnarok again.

Just saw on WrestleTalk that supposedly (don’t know if it or isn’t true) WWE’s big pitch to get Adam Cole to sign a new contract was to make him a manager on SmackDown.
lol…you can’t make some of this stuff up


I’m so fucking glad the Adam Cole deal got wrapped up. I was nervous he would have stayed with WWE.

Adults who watch pro wrestling are the cringiest fucks on the planet.

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VKM and Bruce have lost what sense they ever had. If the WWE has a chance of righting the ship those two have got to go.