WWE Today

I'll admit to only catching brief glimpses of their shows as I'm channel surfing. With that said, I have questions for those that watch regularly. A) Who are their most over workers? B) Which recent matches are worth looking into? C) What is the product like? D) What is your gripe with it?

Over: Lesnar, McIntyre, Bryan, R Truth, Otis

Recent Matches: Royal Rumble 2020 - the Rumble match and as a whole, the event, best match on the show I believe was Raw women's title, going off fuzzy memory

Gripe: Overproduced

-from the commentary, to the lighting, to the awkward scripted promos, to the matches that seem to follow a formula, for example both mens world title matches at Mania, which was otherwise a pretty fun show for what it was, highs and lows.

Bottom Line: Incredible roster, but feels as lame and corporate as it did 10-15 years prior, but now with the top Indy talent of those last 10-15 years, still manage to water down into it's uninspired corporate formula, lots to wade thru to get to the infrequent inspired moments and matches  

A) None, like, zero....except john cena. Unless, you ask some mark. 

B) None, if you've seen one indy match, you've seen them all. Match/character  psychology is non existent these days. 

C) All the matches are the same, and there are precious few intriguing characters, storylines, or believable performers. 

D) See: a through c. Also, no selling.

Main gripe is the over produced, scripted nature of the shows. Also how a lot of the matches can just come off like an acrobatics show rather than actually wrestling and selling. Drives me nuts. 

As far as guys who are over, Lesnar is always over. Daniel Bryan? Edge got great reactions when he returned. Of the new crop, Mcintyre seems over now, but we know how this will end eventually. WWE will turn him into a complete popcorn babyface and the crowd will turn on him. 

Recent matches worth watching - Bryan/Kofi WM35 is the best match of the last 12 months in my opinion, definitely check that out. Great pro wrestling, awesome story.