www.combatsports.com? WTF?

I just saw this huge full color, full page ad for this new company, tried to go the web page on both work and home computer and got

  • "You do not have permission to view this directory or page from the Internet address of your Web browser"-

Are my computers messed up or is there something wrong with the page?

Can anyone else see the page?

so I guess everyone else sees the page just fine?

are you sure it wasn't



the page you posted works just fine, but it isn't the company I was looking for, it was supposed to be a new gear company... huge full color ad in new Black belt, so I figured I'd check it out... but I got that error message on two different computers with two different ISP's... I was wondering if it was just me?

nope doesn't work for me either

Didn't know it was a Ringside offshoot, but sounds like same company....

The ad definitely said "combatsports.com" and so I think they must have dropped some cash unecessarily because to pay for a full color, full page, when your web site isn't up yet....


The company name is Combat Sports International out of Kansas. The company is affiliated with Ringside.

well, that all nice and good, but why put out a HUGE ad when your web site isn't up yet?