www.FightingGear.biz (It Rocks!)

Just wanted to share this site for those of you who are frustrated with the scarcity of quality Thai-made gear here in the US. The shipping time was extraordinary (3 days!!) and the email communication even with the 12 hour lag was always prompt and clear. Scott put together a large box order and it was here 7 days after I sent my PayPal payment. That's FASTER than Fairtex!

I have used 2 other companies (Thai Direct & Thai Boxing Gear) and while the products are indeed quality Twins products, I have waited 37, 42 and over 50 days to get my gear!!



The larger or premium box was $120. That was for 5 pairs of bag gloves, 3 belly pads, 2 pairs thai pads, a cup of groin guards, anklets, 16 0z. gloves. I paid $87 for 6 pairs of shinguards (lighter, pro-style) alone from Thaiboxinggear.com

I Told You!

Khap khun khup KaoLoy.

I still don't know much about TwinThaiBoxing.com other than the shipping charges per item is ridiculously high. You'll end up paying $130 for a set of pads. Ringsides Twins pads are $100+s/h. Fairtex $100+s/h. But fightinggear.biz even if you only order 2 sets in the box is less than $100 total. Order more and it goes down considerably. Mine ended up costing about $73 by cramming as much that would fit into the box as physically possible.


Thanks pisand, I've been thinking about getting stuff from them.

TTT for http://fightinggear.biz/

they just came through for me again!