Check out my website! It doesn't do anything, except punch you in the face, and bore you with my life.

But hey, I wrote it, and I'm proud of it!!!


http://www.fightinmd.com/home.htm has a tiling problem with the background.

Ok, so does the personal page. You need to expect to have people that are not operating at 800X600 or what ever.

I think you might want to invest in someone doing a web design for ya.

That page is very home made. But nice try anyway.

TTT for Interventional Rads!

Down with the money grubbing cardiologists trying to steal peripheral interventional!

Cool Site Andy, but, you left out the part when you met the loation senstion bros. in johnson city.


not bad. but add some pics.

Cool :) yeah, deffinately add some pics.

I'll add it to mmalinks.com

How could I forget the Loations!?!?!?

Thank you for the feedback. I've gone from no knowledge of writing webpage to that one in 3 days. It's still a work in progress.

What do you guys mean "tiling problem"? I just realized I need to link on the "Bad & Ugly" and "Disclaimer" pages for some of the menu items.


"tiling problem" meaning the background image is too small and tiles on larger resolution screens. But if you really want to know the truth, you don't need background images, colors are much faster to load and look better anyway.

Yeah Ethan, I'm figuring that out. I thought it would look so cool, but it only makes for headaches.

Thanks for the input. I'm fighting using a template, but I can't let this thing consume my life so I may have to give in.