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Manni and Tim are returning from a special football match. Manni is a longtime fan of the bavarian 1860-club in munich, an hates the other club from
bavaria the bayern-munich club.
Their argument is getting so aggressive, that their verbal fight, turns into a real fight with full body pressure, ever though it has just snowed everywhere.
They are fighting on a huge ground which is full of snow.
At the same time Slavek and Pharell returning from their weekly wrestling-training, to become a better fighter, they are very interesting in looking on, or even join in, in this white excitement.
Pharell uses a snowball to attack Tim ,and Tim jumps wright on to get Pharell into a fight. Between Slavek and Manni an old antipathy starts to show and they get on each other too.
Finally Slavek and Pharell move on homewards, but still looking forward to know, who is the strongest.
The fights continue at the studio, and the competition turns into a real tournament. Manni fights in tanga, al long time wish for many of
you. Manni against Pharell, then Manni and Jeff , who is new in the team, and who fights like a well trained superstar.
The whole story turns as Jeff has now chance, and this fights develops into a 2 on 1 fight.
They change teamplayers, and the fight seens to escalate as Tim/Jeff wants to overcome Manni.
Slavek tries Tim and at the end of this session, Jeff asked Pharell for revange. The fight partners are quite equally strong and do not pull back.

Just order today! Play time: 77 minutes