What's up? This is my new site. It's in the very early stages but I think with hard work and a little help it will grow and compete with all the other mma site. Ill Blood Online is a little different then other mma sites. I have tried to incorporate hardcore music with extreme fighting. I have noticed a growing interest within the hardcore scene about mma so I figured putting the two together woudl be great. I need your help. please send me any new on your local mma or hardcore scene. Pictures and articles are everey much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

good luck to you

Being a fighter, and a HUGE hardcore fan i love it. drop me an email jedthebear@hotmail.com maybe i have some pics for you.


i know that there's a guy in courage crew that fights mma. you can find a link to his page off of the knockout factory page (can't remember the address).

i think this site is great. bringing together my two worlds