www.slygirl.com - my new website

link$19.99 a month and you can download all the nude pictures of slygirl you want (or that I could find on FS).Spread the word.

didn't work, I want my money back, fucker

ya know what's funny??? my boyfriend thinks i should really do that. i don't think i'm good looking enough for that, but then again; i've stumbled upon some "look at me" websites where i was almost disgusted with the girl. maybe i should look into it.

just do it


there are a ton of amateur's out there that have their own sites. they make good money at it too

Slygirl - you should do it.

For the 1st month, make it free access so word of it gets out by word of mouth.

Then start charging.

hey sly, if you decide to do it, email me and I'll give you some other sites to look at for ideas. there are networks that link to each other too, like webrings, that help each other get visitors

what should i use as my name? it cannot have "Slygirl" in it at all--or my first name, Stacy. too many people know me by those names.

help me come up with a name. then i wouldn't post pics here, i'd post them on my site and you'd have to pay to go there, so it would end the haters thing.

great idea Satan Jr. i think i'd kinda want to make it like the suicide girls, and feature my friends on the site also.

just make up a fake name

"lacy" or something like that. Your middle name. One of your friends names, whatever

In all honesty, I would pay for a site like that. I think you are hot.

Oh yeah thank you Sly, for the pics.

no, it'd be better. i never should have admitted to dancing at all. i think i'd get treated better on here if i hadn't, but it's too late now.

maybe if i take away the sexy pics i've been posting, i'll be treated more fairly and with respect.

putting the pics somewhere else might solve this whole problem; and possibly make me some extra cash in the process; it couldn't hurt.

I don't give a crap that you dance. You seem to be a good time person and for the life of me I don't understand why guys would insult you. I mean if you don't like her body that's fine, everybody has different taste, but why on earth would you insult her?

I just read triangle chokes thread and all I can say is that he is a pathetic fucker. Would he walk up to girls on the street and say that shit to their face? Hell no. What kind of a man is he?

thanks yelm. my thoughts exactly.

i think all along u wanted to have ya own site and sell pics and shit. the og was ya publicity ground.

p.s. my apoligy thread is coming at the end of the week

i saw it already lions-d. def appreciated and thanks.

i never thought about it before-actually-having my own site, but i think it would end all this BS i'm getting if i just posted my pics there, since it just pisses everyone off here for some effed up reason.

i mean im gonna have another ap thread after that last post.

Whats kind of sick, but what would work pretty well.

Make it a "teen" site for the first month, with your birthdate of 18 being perfectly set.

Teen = Bra and panties.

Then say you are turning 18 on so and so date, then give em nudes, for the price.


If you get enough hype, etc., you could cash out in 6-12 months, after that I'd give it up unless its making more money.

Photoshop an ID with the vitals out, etc.,

link doesnt work...boooooooooooooooooo