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The Wildman

ttt for TD

Wildman- Can you email me at RobertEmrotek2@aol.com...I have some questions for you sir. Thank you.

Fearless Goat

TTT for the Wildman.......and for a good lesson learned for our fighters, that fought hard but learned, it aint as easy as it looks......(inside joke)

The Hyena


Thomas just wanted to say great fight the other night, you guys both fought tough in a real close fight.

Thanks 4 the support guys I will have a rematch March 20th and finish the job I started....

The Wildman

Nice... It should be an awesome rematch. Good luck!


a little x-mas spirit.

Yeah I woke up! The fight never happen because no promoters offered it up to be worth it for both of us. He is under Pride contract so if it isnt in pride it won't happen anytime soon. We are both professional fighters doing what we do best fight.

The Wildman

that was a great fight, you showed a lot of heart coming back after that
first round knockdown.
Im a big James Fanshier fan but you still get a lot of credit for your





I hate KOTC and whenever I hear Thomas Denny, that is all I can think of unfortunately. Your tattoos are cool though and I do like your style of fighting.

how come wildman v scorpion never happened

Right but what about the site is it coming around?

Thomas the web-site is getting better how come I am not in your friends section? I have several pictures of you if you want them? I e-mailed you the good ones already from before.

If you would like I can drive from AZ to do an interview and write up of your new gym (looks big)
I will support you like I always have.

I am now writting and covering events for the www.thefightgame.tv we do not edit anything out of our interviews and would be glad to add you as a link to our site if you would be willing to do the same for us. I will e-mail your link to our web master tonight.

E-mail me at krazymike@thefightgame.tv

Hey I am building a friends page and will throw u on it.

The Wildman