Anybody remember those YouTube clips with the Mexican guy that would ask this question? Here’s the scenario.

I have a travel buddy. Every year or couple of years for the past few decades we travel together. It’s not an ‘official’ rule, but this is the Boys Trip. No muss, no fuss, no bitching, no drama. Show up on the agreed date, do the trip, leave on the agreed date. There is no itinerary other than that. Most of the time it’s easy because it’s backcountry stuff or similar. It’s a safety in numbers thing plus having that buddy that will do whatever crazy ass thing we both agree on, knows all your stupid quirks and will talk mad shit over beers but never judge.

Wives and girlfriends have come and gone over the years and we give each other shit over them and our preferences/styles. He likes hot type A bishes where it’s a constant power struggle. I like cute, not necessarily ‘dumb’ chick’s, but easygoing, easily impressed and just down to have fun while it lasts.

Last trip i gave him shit about how he’s going to lose the latest battle and end up marrying this chick. He gave me MAD shit about my post divorce dating style and how i should just get a ‘professional’ every so often because it would be cheaper than all the fun dating shit i like to do with the same (but guaranteed/more reliable) results.

Next trip is in a couple of weeks. I found out this weekend that the girlfriend will be flying in to join us on the second leg. This is a major departure from the norm and I KNOW this is a control thing that ends in marriage depending on the outcome. We’ve always been pleasant, but i know through both him and the grapevine she thinks I’m the bad influence (I’m not). I can guess how this portion of the trip will go, so my question is this. Do i fly in a ‘Tinder ho’ for this portion and have as much fun as possible? Or, do i finally take his advice and go the cost effective route and simply contact a pro for the one or two evenings/activities where i will be the designated third wheel in this little drama and make sure to live up to all my supposed hype? Then continue the rest of the trip like normal.

Something comes up and you have to cancel…

No way i would want to be a 3rd wheel. Its not going to be the same trip, which you already aware of. Not sure id do a random in for multiple days. That could be a whole other set of issues.


Not an option really. Already committed and tbh this will be years worth of fireside ammo, wouldn’t miss it if i could. I totally get the concern with flying in some (semi) rando to a foreign country though. On the other hand, is dragging an escort out to dinner too over the top? I only consider it because he’s the one that has suggested it (smack talking) multiple times and it would be like bringing gasoline to a match throwing party. Even i wouldn’t do it at their wedding.

Bring a random dude to shock the GF into bailing.

You free the first week of May? Wat dat mouf do tho?


I wouldn’t do it. My instinct would be to say fuck off on that second leg.

But, it seems like that’s not your style at all. I like your attitude in this situation. You’re not asking what to do. You’re going. You’re only asking what type of slut to bring along.

In times like this, I ask, “wtf would Leon do?”. I’ll tell you what he’d do. He put out an ad and interview girls who want a free trip. No professional needed.

Or, fuck his girlfriend in front of him to show her what real dominance is.

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Where are we going?

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I would turn over the tables of the money changers for being in the temple.

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the whole thing sounds way too brokeback mountain…

“oh we would sit around the campfire for hours and talk about how each others girlfriends were just awful”


I like your style, you get me. This is not an option though. I mean I’d dig the hole for him if he asked, but I’d never fuck around with a homies chick.

It better work with the first one. You know how hard its gonna be to find another fuckin Mary Ferguson?


I can’t quit him

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So dinner with Mary Magdalena?

Well… I see the way this is likely going. Should make an interesting thread at least.

Find a chick you can bang but will also annoy the fuck out of his girl. In all likelihood this is the last of your broke back trips. Enjoy the first half and crater the second half. Burn the bridge, burn the village, and torch the countryside.


So… my type.

Boom. Leaning this way, but we’re also already rough planning next year and I really want to do that one.

You cancel the 2nd leg of the trip or the entire trip

This is a boys trip

If it’s not a boys trip why are you going?

This is your time & resources and you didn’t agree to spend it with his wife


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Cancel yes

But be clear.

You’re not spending your limited time money resources vacationing with his wife. You like her but don’t want to spend your valuable time with her.

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Not worth canceling over. Normally if we disagree on what to do for x day or days, we split up and meet at the next spot, back at camp, etc. Only difference this time will be that the accommodations will be nicer for this leg, there will absolutely be some planned shit at least a couple of days and he’ll be getting vacation laid.

I guess the real question is whether ordering a hooker to the house/dinner is too over the top for this. He’s suggested it, she assumes this how i live my life… minus well right? Like Cloaca suggested ‘Light it up!’