X-2 in Oakland

Did you guys hear about the fight card in Oakland?

It's packed with some of the toughest upcoming fighter. Carlos Conduit, John Marsh, John Lober and even two chicks fighting. Good stuff.

X-2 will be a stellar event to be sure. Great undercard... lots of up and comers!

Here's the full card for Oakland, June 3:

John "The Bull" Marsh v Carter "The Beast" Williams
John "Machine" Lober v Bristol "The Headhunter" Marunde
Lethal Lana Stefanac v Martha Salazar
Big Shane Carwin v Justice "The Monster" Smith
Carlos "Natural Born Killer" Condit v Irish Pat Healy
Antonio McKee v Ronald "Machine Gun" Jhun
Brian Caraway v Ed Newalu
Andy Wang v Jamal Perkins
Tim "Wrecking Machine" McKenzie v Danny "Death Roll" Higgins
Doug "The Demon" Evans v Thomas "The Constrictor" Schulte
Matt "The Wolverine" Grice v Dan Marks

HAWAII's Very Own Ronald "Machine Gun" Jhun

That is a great card!!

My pics...

Carter Williams.
John Lober
Carlos Condit
Antonio Mckee
Ed Newalu
Andy Wang
Tim Mckenzie
Thomas Shulte....

Great card~!

TTT for Dan Marks the only guy on the card without a gay nickname.

TTT for his opponent!