X-box and CDRs

Okay, I have a Samsung drive in my X-box, can anyone suggest some CD-R brands that will work on this drive? I just had all my fucking CD's stolen out of my car and all I have is the Mp3 backups on my computer.

Now, I wanted to put some fucking music in my X-box, but is seems to hate my CD-R brand

I've used some Memorex, TDK, and generic store brand (between those three, it's almost all CMC and Optodisc, mostly crap) and most of the time it has been fine.

CDRW's work far more reliably for whatever reason, as do DVD-/+R's with the Samsung, even though it is way more tolerant of CDR's than the Thomson or Philips POS drives.

If you cant find some CDRs that work just get a cheap pack of CDRW's and use those.

arclight: Maybe it's my burner or my burning software?

I have TDK and Memorex and it's not giving me anything doing...

Nero, I hate j00.

Got a Pioneer DVR-108, firmware upgraded.

Try burning at 1x or 2x, as a last resort if you're using Nero try using a UDF burn with video/Xbox compatibility checked.

Or try CDRW.

Arclight and Mem, thanks, gonna try a bit.

Arclight how do you do a audio CD in UDF mode?

I've burned a lot of semi coasters these last two days.

You dont do audio. Scroll down the disc types in Nero and you will see UDF and UDF/ISO I forget which it is but only one of them has the force DVD-Video / needed for xbox compatibility option or whatever. I doubt that it is your real problem other than media though so try CDRWs


I took advice, using RW and they work.