X-Choke/Armbar combination from Mount (Gi)

Hi everyone

Made a little blog post and covered the details what i think are important when going for X-Choke/Armbar attack.

Also, "X-Choke" is really a nice facegrind :)

Read about it

Or just skip to video @




Cheers 12!

I like that twisting pressure, gonna test it out. Thanks!

great great post.

i find that i can only truly hit the x-choke when threatening w/ the s-mount armbar.... it's usually choke, to armbar to DEEP choke.

also, i like the "SHAKE THE SHIT OUT OF THEM" technique.

12 knows./

the twist is new to me as well. usually it's post the head to same side and pull and drive.

twist i will try it out and post back.