X-Fighting Championships

Any word on the Tacoma fights last night? If anyone knows... it's the underground....

ttt for results


From www.f4wonline.com

  • Results from last night's X-Fighting Championships before 1,500 fans:
  • Dean Henderson beat Shawn Pilcher when Pilcher refused to come out for round two
  • Steve Storwick beat Nick Burrett with a guillotine, the hold of the night
  • Gene Bond beat Chris Shabel with a choke
  • Justin Gardener beat Kelly McMillan via forfeit when Kelly refused to show up
  • Matt May beat Nick Johnson via referee stoppage. This was a frikkin awesome fight.
  • Tyler Michaelis beat Eddie Lowder. This was quite the fight. Michaelis came out and my buddy Shawn said, "He looks 16." Turns out, he turns 15 on Monday, and he WHOOPED Eddie. He had his back and was pounding on him, then pulled his head back and sank in a choke. I was at ringside, and from where I was sitting it looked like he eye gouged him to get his head pulled back. Ref didn't see it. Well, Shawn was right there with a camera, and he got a beautiful perfect shot of Michaelis with his fingers right in Lowder's eyeballs. After the fight, Lowder stormed backstage. This fight was right before intermission, so we went back there to see if anything exciting had transpired, and all we saw was Michaelis, already in his gear and not showered, getting the hell out of Dodge. So I assume the decision stands. This was something else.
  • Chris Dickerson beat Carmen Cassella. One-sided.
  • Carl Lawler beat Jason Pierce via ref stoppage. Also one-sided.
  • Gabriel Miranda beat James Marohl to win the "USA MMA Welterweight Championship" via ref stoppage.
  • Scott Trehorn beat Will Courcheine to win the "USA MMA Middleweight Championship". This was the longest and most competitive fight of the evening.

When does Ray Perales fight? Is his fight tonight? Thanks



Ray fights tonite. Awaiting results of that as well as johnny hoffman's fight.

Eddy Ellis is fighting cedric marks. Any bets on who wins that one?




Anyone have a membership to (www.f4wonline)? They may have the results....


Eddy Ellis won ry rnc rd.2 ( best fight of the night)

Blake Fredrickson won by Guillotine over Lininger in 1:30 to win the LW title

Welch won by triangle over perales in rd.2

I can't remember the 1st 2 pro fights but:
Paul Purcell over Justin Davis by arm across side choke

Cory Devela over Nick Tyree by RNC - i think

Wesley Welch over Ray Perales by Triangle

Blake Fredricksen over Matt Lininger by Front choke

Eddy Ellis over Cedric Marks by RNC

I heard Wesley had a great fight. Wish I could have been there. Congrats to Eddy, Wes and Cory.

From www.f4wonline.com

  1. Wilf Betz beat Zach Lari via rear-naked choke
  2. Brandon Olson beat Travis Busch via rear-naked choke. Olson apparently had a phat beard
  3. PICNIC PAUL PURCELL beat Justin Davis with a forearm choke
  4. Cory Devela beat Nick Tyree via rear-naked choke. Yes, there is a trend here
  5. Wesley Welch beat Ray Perales in a triangle. Said to be the best fight of the night up to that point
  6. Blake Fredrickson beat Matt Lininger via GUILLOTINE~!
  7. Eddie Mills beat Cedric Marks via rear naked choke in 3:41 of round 2 to win the XFC Welterweight Title.
  8. Jeremy Bennet beat Timmy Tripplet via guillotine
  9. Justin Gardener beat Josh Chaaf in 29 seconds of round 1. Gardener was the guy who, the night before, didn't get to fight because his opponent bailed. Apparently this fight was awesome. Gardener whooped him and went for a rear naked choke. He got it in tight, but then apparently decided he didn't want the fight to end without violence. So he let go of the choke and started punching Timmy repeatedly from behind, eventually knocking him out.
  10. "BOLO" beat Scott Aragon in 24 seconds in another mauling.
  11. John Hoffman beat Arly George via somethingorother to win the Pacific Northwest Championship. Very strange fight. "The fight ended with Hoffman securing an armbar that looked sunk," Tony said, "although Arly did not tap and the ref did not stop the contest. All of a sudden Hoffman released the armbar like George tapped. The ref looked confused, George looked confused, and the crowd booed. This ended the show."

I just spoke to John Hoffman. He said the ref stopped it. Then wanted to re-start it when he realised he screwed up. John bitched about the stoppage last time he fought here cost him the win. Dennis Hallman said to the ref make a decision. So the ref chose to end it.