X-Files is the Best for Celeb Cameos/Pre-Fame Gigs

my wife and i have been running back through the X-Files since quarantine. i think i already made a thread about how awesome the show is and how well it holds up.
another thing about it is that if you're a movie/tv fan, you get to play A LOT of "hey, it's that guy!"
my wife and i try to out do each other noticing actors. sometimes it's obvious, sometimes they're pretty obscure. here's who have so far:

Giovanni Ribisi and Jack Black in the same episode
Doug Hutchinson (recurring role. he was the guy who could stretch and slime his way through grates and stuff.)
Terry O’Quinn (locke from Lost)
Micheal Berryman (weirdest looking actor, ever. most famous for “the hills have eyes”)
Michael McKean (tons of stuff, but probably most recognizable on the OG as the lead federal agent from the “coneheads” movie)
Bruce Campbell
Neal McDonough (Buck Compton in “band of brothers”)
Jane Lynch from Glee
Bryan Cranston
Aaron Paul
Dean Norris (brother-in-law from “breaking bad”)
Kathy Griffin
Mark Pellegrino (had to look his name up. he’s Jacob from “Lost” and in tons of other stuff)
Michael Emerson (bad guy on “Lost”)
Felicity Huffman (i remembered her from “Transamerica” but my wife pointed out she had a lead in “desperate housewives.” had to look her up, too)
Jodie Foster’s voice (my wife caught this one)
Lucy Lawless (she was young and hot AF)
R. Lee Ermy
Peter Boyle
Tony Todd (Candyman)
Luke Wilson
BD Wong & Lucy Liu in the same episode
Shia LaBeouf
Danny Trejo & Joe Morton (black guy Cyberdyne Systems engineer) in the same episode
Beth Grant (didn’t know her name, bitchy teacher/neighbor/dance coach from “donnie darko”)
Jesse L Martin (detective green from “law & order”)
Ed Asner & Lily Tomlin in the same ep
Laurie Holden (The Walking Dead — want to touch the honey)
Jesse Ventura, Alex Trebek, AND Charles Nelson Reilly in the same episode!!!
John Neville (baron munchausen)
Zeljko Ivanek (definitely had to look that name up, but he’s been in everything. my wife recognized him as some kind of vampire governor in “true blood”)
Tony Shalhoub (“monk” star, but i’m old so i remembered him as the cab driver on the sitcom “wings”)
JT Walsh (super-familiar character actor; i remembered him as the guy in the mental institution in “sling blade” that liked hairy pussy)
Ryan Reynolds
Richard Belzer
i’m sure there are tons more we missed

Law & Order for sure as well.

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The X-Files was like the quintessential 90s drama.

What else compares? The fucking West Wing?

The Pete -

Law & Order for sure as well.

Ahhh, you made a good point Pete.

Brad Pitt on Freddy's nightmares bitch!!!! 


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I started rewatcing this again and saw the Giovanni ribsi, Jack black episode last night.

simpsons had oodles

of course there's a wikipedia page of x-files guest stars





Gillian Anderson got hotter as the seasons went on.

If I remember correctly the director of Cranston's X-Files episode was the eventual creator of Breaking bad which led to the director fighting to make Cranston the lead for his series.

X-Files is great for Celeb Cameos/Pre-Fame Gigs

but MIAMI VICE is the best IMO

Viggo Mortensen

Bruce Willis

Julia Roberts

Ben Stiller

Benicio del Toro

Liam Neeson

Chris Rock

Ed O'Neill

Helena Bonham Carter

Laurence Fishburne

Giancarlo Esposito

Steve Buscemi

Vincent D'Onofrio

Stanley Tucci

Wesley Snipes

Jimmy Smits

Bill Paxton

Ron Perlman

Lou Diamond Phillips

Chris Cooper

John Leguizamo

Dennis Farina

Annette Bening

Michael Madsen

John Turturro

Michael Chiklis

Esai Morales

Kim Coates

Ving Rhames

R. Lee Ermey

Jeff Fahey

John Glover

Terry O'Quinn

Kelly Lynch

Suzy Amis

Jon Polito

Miguel Ferrer

Melanie Griffith

Melissa Leo

Xander Berkeley

Kevin Corrigan

Evan Handler

Pruitt Taylor Vince

Tony Sirico

Matt Frewer

Gary Farmer

Joan Chen

Richard Jenkins

Alfred Molina

Adolfo Quinones

Joe Morton

Jay O. Sanders

Amanda Plummer

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Randall "Tex" Cobb

Mark Linn-Baker

Paul Calderón

Laura San Giacomo

Penelope Ann Miller

Michael Wincott

Dylan Baker

Jesse Borrego


Paul Herman

Oliver Platt

Michael DeLorenzo

Paul Gleason

CCH Pounder

Lori Petty

Paul Provenza

Jennifer Rubin

Charles S. Dutton

Terry Kinney

Timothy Carhart

John Spencer

Cameron Dye

Eric Bogosian

Coati Mundi

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Batman had some great ones

Tales from the Crypt had some impressive guest stars.. 

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ferox -

Tales from the Crypt had some impressive guest stars.. 

Came to say this.


Just started binge watching all the seasons and am seeing a lot of familiar faces.

Re-watched xfiles a few years back and felt the same. It was pretty impressive. I have never seen Miami Vice but that list of appearances is impressive as fuck.


Roseanne too

EggOfGreed - 
ferox -

Tales from the Crypt had some impressive guest stars.. 

Came to say this.


Just started binge watching all the seasons and am seeing a lot of familiar faces.

we plan on rewatching tales as soon as we're done with x-files

tales from the crypt was my favorite show when i was a little kid. occasionally i'd read the tv guide to see when it would come on. if it was in the 1am to 4am range i knew my parents would be sleeping hard enough i could turn the tv up to watch it. i'd set an alarm on my plastic watch to get up to catch the show.

i'd also go ahead and stash some doritos and grape soda so i wouldn't make noise in the kitchen.

pretty sure some of my first wank sessions were to the boobs from some of those episodes.

Loved tales from the crypt. I have all the seasons. 

they were supposed to bring it back but some shit happen and I don’t think it’s happening. It wasn’t going to have the crypt keeper anyway due to some licensing shit. 


Vince Gilligan worked on the X-Files that's where he knew Bryan Cranston, Dean Norris, and Aaron Paul from before Breaking Bad.