x-guard passing

Anyone ever see anything on passing x-guard? i;ve seen marcelos dvd's but theres nothing on passing it

I've got a few passes that I do, but I developed them myself. I also just learned a good one from Renato Tavares when he came to my gym. Haven't really seen anything on it outside of that.

Think about what makes the X-guard work and you can figure out some ways to counter it just like any other position.


I learned one from Fabio Gurgel that he uses directly against Marcelo Garcia. He said that he got tired of Marcelo sweeping him with the X-Guard. First off he uses a 2 on 1 grip, grabs his Free arm at the sleeve cuff and pulls up (the opposite arm of the one that is holding you leg). This will force the guy to keep his back on the floor and limits his movement.Next he pushes the top hook down on the other hook crossing the guys legs.Now step your trapped leg back.....Cross face and sprawl.You should now be in Side Control.This Move works beautifully for me!!!!The most important part is controlling the sleeve.

I agree with you Jiboia, My Instructor suggests pushing the top leg onto the bottom leg, crossing and essentially pinning both legs before you step off. It works really well for me too. I dont grab the jacket though. I put both hands on the top leg and keep the pressure through my hips. This keeps their hips still allowing you to step off. If I use the arm on the jacket they are often able to control the arm and set up other sweeps (arm across, take the back etc).

Your thoughts??

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