X-men 3, the worst realized!


Check out this clip.

Fastball special, Nice.


I think I've written this before, but this movie is going to be a festering pantload!!!!

I cannot access that page

ewww...Peter looks horrid as does the sentinel

Looks like a bad B movie

One of the biggest problems I had with the first two Xmen movies is that the action sequences weren't very good. The motion looked cheesy and unnatural, and this trailer makes the newest movie look even worse.

Jesus, it is hard to see so many bad superhero movies being made from really good material.

This will be another Elektra or Catwoman.

"Jesus, it is hard to see so many bad superhero movies being made from really good material."

The studios are rushing stuff out as fast as they can. You'd think someone would have taken notes on Pixar by now.

"But FUCK !!!111 This preview make it look bad ass!"

You can't really judge a movie by it's trailor. The trailors job is supposed to make movies look as good as possible, even bad ones.

The Punisher was a fucking train wreck. What was funny about that movie is that "Man on Fire" came out at the same time, and that was a movie that captured the feel of what the Punisher movie should have been.

I read an interview recently with Avi Arad around the time the Punisher movie came out promoting the movie.

He stated to the effect that you're supposed to feel sympathy for the Punisher. Here is a man, who hates killing, but is forced to do it out of necessity.


I want to kill the director of the PUNISHER. OMG Xmen 3 looks horrible.

Wow. That was really bad in so many ways.

yojimbo71 just punished the fucking correct.

X3 will be on par with FF. Tolerable.

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ugh once again this makes me sick. Fox or Marvel or whoever should just have been patient and waited for Singer. Why kill off future possible movies for Wolvy or other X-men characters because you can't wait for Singer. There is a reason X3 or whatever you want to call it is the final one in the chapter, it's fucked beyond repair that there is no other choice. They should have known they were going to compete with Superman Returns anyways. Bastards