X-Men: Apocalypse trailer

Magneto, Storm, Psylocke, Arch-Angel as Horseman

I'm hard! Phone Post 3.0


Okay that looks good...

Alright Fox, I'm in.

Sweet vu Phone Post 3.0

wtf did they do to apocalypse? He looks like a giant blue dildo. Also thanks for the trailer!

Lol at this. Leave it to singer to make apocalypse look like Ivan ooze from power rangers movie. Phone Post 3.0

Im guessing Hugh Jackman makes his usual cameo Phone Post 3.0

Apocalypse looks like a blue klingon! Phone Post 3.0

ugh, don't like the look of Apocalypse

When did Appcalypse become a fag? Not intimidating at all. Phone Post 3.0

Amazing Phone Post 3.0

He's not even big!!! What the hell Phone Post 3.0

Sub for when im not drunk Phone Post 3.0


Yah wtf is going on here with Apoc?

I came. Phone Post 3.0

Was that Sansa? I think Apoc gets bigger as the movie goes on or in the next one.

NiteProwleR - Was that Sansa? I think Apoc gets bigger as the movie goes on or in the next one.
Yes. She must be a young jean grey Phone Post 3.0

This better not be another Juggernaut from X3.... The X-men movies....

The X-men movies seem to shy away from CGI characters completely, and I respect that they don't abuse it but for a guy like APOCALYPSE you NEED CGI (or a giant fucking dude like GOT Mountain), if you aren't going to do it right just don't do it.

I LOVE Fassbender as Magneto, I love the cussing and ADULT content missing from the Marvel/Disney movies, I feel they really nail down that feel of Liefeld pouch 90's X-Men/X-Factor comics. But it is unforgivable if they make APOCALYPSE some 5'10 dude that is completely unintimidating...

I agree with Kinkle. Idk, about a CGI Apoc, though. At least this early on. I think Thanos & even Hulk look dumb as shit & cartoony. I like this take. Should've gone meaner looking though.