X-men Director Bryan Singer's Picture Gallery

Something in common with a post vatican 2 priest?

twins that live in Singer's Mansion

Singer's 18 year old assistant

Singer's Clubbing Partner

Singer's Special Friend

Singer with another clubbing partner

Dude definitely likes the twinks.

Man he looks creepy Phone Post 3.0

He is showing his allegiance here.

Yeah he has a thing for twinks apparently Phone Post 3.0

Quite possibly.

This is what the victim looked like in 1999

I wonder how many times he fucked shia laboof when he was a preteen?

Typical Hollywood pedo. He's just less discreet about it Phone Post 3.0


Big surprise that he made this dude....



Look like a gay rave dancer K-pop guy. 



PEDO POWER Phone Post 3.0


Unless those pics are of his kids/nephew's then they are FUCKING CREEPY!!!!!

He makes the same face in most of the pics Phone Post 3.0

He just announced a new film amidst all the controversy