X-Men Games!!!

What is your favorite all time X-Men game?? Here's my thoughts on some of the early ones:

X-Men (NES)- Did anyone actually like this game? the players had unique powers and all, but the gameplay sucked. I was a big X-Men fan at the time, but couldn't get into this game.

Wolverine (NES)- My memory sucks, but I remember this being a pretty cool game. I don't know who made it, but the game felt a lot like ninja gaiden.

X-Men 1+2 (Genesis) - I think there were two. side scrollers, cool games. Cyclops, Gambit, Wolverine, Nightcrawler... the characters were unique and the games were fun.

Post your favorite X-Men games. BTW, has anyone played the PC wolverine game? I see it around for $20, is it worth it?

don't forget..

X-Men: Children of the Atom (Saturn and Arcade)
The Capcom arcade 1 on 1 fighting game rules. Best Wolverine ever.

X-men vs Street fighter... same as above

The other arcade game that was a final fight type game. Pretty good, but got boring after the 3rd level..

all other xmen games suck

Either Children of the atom or Mutant Apocalypse for snes was pretty good, had psylocke and beast who usually don't make it into games. Has anyone tried the wolverine or hulk for PS2 games?

Wolverines Revenge for th ps2 is an alright game. I beat it in about 3 days though.

The original arcade game was the best. The 6 player version ruled.

Yeah I once as a young kid got in on a game with some older "cool" kids. I was Cyclops and had some critical shots that I hit towards the end when you gotta fight every boss again. I heard the X men fighting game for PS2 sucked violently.