X-Men Legends

Has anyone played the game and is it good??..Was thinking about getting it.I know it is sort of RPGish which is what i like to play.Just wondering if I should throw down the 50 for it.?..Thanks.

i enjoy it, i havent quite finished it yet, but im getting there

its decent in length now, but it is kind of easy...

take that as you will

Thanks Majestic Moose..!.I will check it out.Blockbuster is a good friend to have..lol.

From what I've read, it looks really good.

its fun, just easy

good game, but not long enough

i haven't beat it yet, though.

i want to play it now, but my fucking gf is watching tv


Its a beatemup game bro...its dope in the beginning but its gets fucking boring. All u do is button mash...and theres combos, but its like X, 0, 0 0...stupid easy shit. It gets lame after a while. But u can upgrade ur guys, but even then its kind of cheesy. It takes a long time to build up experience to gain a level, then when u gain it, it only gives u 1 fucking point to administer...

So put the 1 point to strength, or speed or some shit...but its like dude 1 fucking point how gay is that. i quit it allready

i got 2 points a few times...

fun stuff

are the graphics any good?? Do the charachters look good? or cartoony?
can 2 players play out the missions?

i think that you can play 2 players

the grahics are cartoony and pretty good

you use 4 characters at once...but i dont think that 4 different people can play at once

Im pretty sure you can play up to 4 people at one time.

then i take it back :)

Yep, you can play 4 players.

I second the Moose. It has some good length of gameplay.

I just finished it.  So by definition it's easy because if I can beat a game then it's eeeeasy.  But it's fun, especially if you're a fan of comics.  I think the graphics are cool.  They are rendered backgrounds but the characters are all cell shaded.  The voices get grating though.  Hearing Colossus say, "Keep nnnNEARBY!" over and over gets old.  But he's a hoss.  One punching a tank and all. 

"i want to play it now, but my fucking gf is watching tv "


DUDE i know THE FEELING , my girl was visitiing me and staying for about 6 weeks , imagine how i felt fighting to NOT play GTA VC and Ratchet N Clank 2 LOL!!

I only played it "comfortablly" when i seized opportunities when she went to cook breakfast or dinner . A couple times or so i did play and she didnt appear to mind but i "Felt" her eyes beaming in my back n in my conscious.

A couple of times she asked me :" Are u going to play all-the-way"? = (translation : "Am i going to have to watch your ASS play that DUMB GAME all NIGHT!!!!" )

SS :)

My neighbor just let me borrow this game. Very fun for such a simple game. I think I've finally found a co-op game I can play with my gf again. We loved Gauntlet, and this is pretty similar.

Cool game hey. Started playing last night, and the Baldur's gate style gameplay is sweet.

Apparently a sequel has just been signed.