X-Pac and Tom Byron

Separated at birth? (bluenamer post pics)

You are a gunzelfuck for being too lazy to even find some urls. But I'm going to pick up your lazy slack just because this is funny.


Who's Tom Byron? j/k

I've thought about that comparison before too, lol. In the picture above he reminds me of Jericho though for some reason.

Wow xpac was starting to put on a little size before he was fired.

he had to if he ever wanted to get the dominating rear spoon position with chyna

My postal connections have informed me that X-Pac/Syxx/123 Kidd/ Sean Waltzman is the son of MMA Manager Phylis Lee.Can anybody confirm this?

holy crap, that's funny

Crowbar, I heard the same thing, but that he was adopted.

Crowbar, I heard the same thing, but that he was adopted.

Thanks Gortiz,

At least I know that he is somewhat believable now,because the guy has stories and stories.Some of them like this one are hard to believe.

I always thought Guy Mezger and Marc Wallace looked alike.

tom byron is the living legend. beside, ron jeremy.

I saw Tom Byron on the end of the Taz instructionals, and he says "I've been in more porn films then anyone, including that fat fuck Ron Jeremy, and I get all my wrestling videos from RFVideo."

LOL @ Beezulbubba!!!!

Guy Mezger looked like Marc Wallace's twin brother at UFC 40 - Ken vs Tito.

byron looks like the T-1000 in that picture