X-treme Fight Chamionship Write-Up



In 1998, Dangerzone III brought Mixed Martial Arts to
Ft. Smith, AR. At that time it was illegal to have
professional MMA fights in the state of Arkansas. All
fighters had to be amateur or fight in an exhibition
fight to be able to participate in a MMA show. On
Saturday night, at the Ft. Smith convention center,
Berry and Candi Productions brought us X-TREME FIGHT
CHAMPIONSHIP. This show featured Pro MMA fighters who
competed for their shot toward $25,000. The card
consisted of fifteen fights with six of those fights,
title fights with a purse of $1000 each.

Berry Cooper and Steve Bearden, the promoters for XFC,
have come up with this four state competition and a
total of $150,000 to be split between each of the six
title holders, ($25,000 each). XFC has already had a
couple shows in Texas and have still to compete in
both Oklahoma and Louisiana to complete the four state

Berry and Steve did an excellent job putting the show
together. XFC was the largest MMA show in our area
thus far, and has done a lot to further the sport.
The convention center had a great setup as far as
seating, no matter where you sat, you had a great
seat. There was plenty of room to move about while
out of the seats and you could see the fighters
milling around as well. The large crowd was extremely
excited and made sure the fighters knew it. It was
loud but even though there was alcohol being served,
it didn't get rowdy. I didn't see any fights other
than those in the cage. From what I could tell it was
a great time had by all.

The fighters were well taken care of. Days Inn
provided rooms for the fighters and their friends and
family. The fighters had several public appearances
at local businesses for the fans and a "Meet and
Greet" at the Area 51 Club the day before the show.
At the show, the backstage area was extremely large,
each of the fighters had room to warm up without
interfering with any other fighter. I have been to
shows in the past where you had a small corner to
yourself if you were lucky. Berry and Steve made sure
the fighters were comfortable and had their own space.

I want to thank Steve and Berry for the opportunity to
get ringside so I could take pictures and see the
action up close and personal. They were also kind
enough to give both me and my husband VIP passes so
that we could get backstage to talk to the fighters.
There was an after fight party at the Area 51 club
where anyone with a ticket stuff from the show could
gain access for free. It was a really great show with
awesome fights, and I can't wait for the next XFC to
get here. If you think you got the stuff and want
your share of that $150,000; go to: X-treme Fight
Championship. Excellent job both Berry and Steve!

Written By: Sharell Toon


NOTE: All fights ended in the first round unless
otherwise noted.

David Jackson vs Hugo Flores
R1 - Flores got the guillotine right off the bat but
couldn't finish Jackson off.
Jackson threw body shots and knees but couldn't get

R2 - Flores got in some good punches and decent knees
while Jackson defended.

R3 – Jackson got the take down but then was reversed
by Flores.

Flores took his back threw several unanswered punches
and submitted Jackson with a rear naked choke.

Brandon Adams vs Dustin Lesley
Lesley made short work of Adams with a quick take down
and then a rear naked choke.

Don Bales vs Elias Marks
Bales looked good trying several submission attempts
from the bottom.

He reversed back and forth all the while still
attempting different submissions and finally secured
the choke.

Nathan Murdock vs Eric Gerber
Gerber got the take down and got in some good punches
opening a cut above Murdock's left eye.

They worked back to their feet, then Gerber locked on
a guillotine.

Russ Payne vs David Rodriquez (Feather Title)
Rodriquez got side mount, changes to full mount
throwing down some hard punches.

Went for armbar, ended up on the bottom. Rodriquez
wins with armbar from the bottom.

Andrew Perkins vs Steven Carl
Carl won in quick fashion with the takedown, then
mounts from the back. Perkins taps to strikes.

Keith Sutton vs Johnny Garcia(Light Title)
Sutton threw hard punches while defending a submission
attempt and ended the fight with a rear naked choke.

Shea Douglas vs Scott Shaw
Shaw got the mount, threw some punches while looking
for a submission.

Back to their feet, Shaw got a guillotine, pulled
Douglas to the mat and sunk it in.

Aaron Flournoy vs Roy Silvas(Welter Title)
Flournoy threw some hard shots and dropped Silvas with
a strike.

Unable to finish, Silvas turned the standup around and
dropped Flournoy with a kick to the head.

Ref didn't stop the fight, Silvas got in a second kick
to the head, mounted Flournoy's back and finished with
a rear naked choke.

Matt Grice vs Marco Adamballi
Grice came in with an awesome display of strikes and
KO's Adamballi.

Antonio Flores vs Jeremiah Oneal (Middle Title)
Oneal gets the take down, takes Flores's back and gets
the rear naked choke.

Lamar McClendon vs Jason Brown
Brown got the takedown, mounted McClendon and finished
with punches.

Doug Williams vs Stosh Novak(Lt. Heavy Title)
R1 – Novak gets 3 take downs, both fighters exchange

R2 – Novak dominates most of the round, Williams
throws a flurry of punches at the last second.

R3 – Novak with the take down, this was a pretty slow
round with Williams starting to chase Novak.

R4 – Both fighters are tired, they both throw a few

R5 – Williams seems to come a little more alive
throwing most of the punches in the round.

Williams wins split decision.

Robert Waite vs James White
White gets Waite's back early switches to the mount
and wins with punches.

Rene Rendon vs David Newby(Heavy Title)
R1 - Newby tried for a rear naked and ended up with
Rendon in his guard for the rest of the round.

R2 – Most of the round was spent in the clinch with
Newby ending the fight with a choke.

ttt for Matt Grice.

He's got a ton of potential and sick wrestling.

Sifu Waite is back!!! woo hoooo

Fabes, what is Jason's last name? I talked to him and Matt at the show, but for the life of me, I can't remember Jason's last name.

Matt! How are ya dude? You still training/teaching in Little Rock with Danny?


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