X1 Results!

WTF! Wheres the play by play? Mike dont make me call Penny from Natural Vibes to sit on you bro! Now someone please get wit it!

Mahalo K

Natty Vibes... they played at my project grad back in '97

Eddie Yagin will be up soon! My boy Sonny will be his corner man. Cobra Kai Las Vegas represent!!!

Thanks Mr. K!

Rabello... (kinda) working hard as usual!

Mr K you are clutch my freing! I also agree that mike has the potential! I kinda thought anthony was the Favorite. You just never know?

Yo Phenom is that Nohara?

  kglurks, thats Nohara there. He went down to corner Yagin & did a seminar the other day. Sonny's jj is SICK!

WoW, X-1 isn't giving much time for the winners of the first round of the tourny much time to rest!

Thanks Mr. K

Trained with Sonny, Bill Cooper, and Laimon in Vegas they all got skills and cool as heck! Think Bills from paragon?

Getting conflicting reports...

  1. Niko dominated but just couldn't finish...

  2. Niko lucky to barely get out of round one of the tourney.

Yagin retains Title with Unanimous Decision over Moreno

FYI Rainbow Wahine basketball team beat Idaho Tonight!


Just got the Yagin/Moreno fight hi-lites back to the station and in round 3 Moreno was complaining of a possible "low-blow" and pretty much stopped fighting...Yagin kept coming though landing a couple of kicks, and missing on a round-house as Moreno tried to complain to the ref. Looked as if it could get ugly after the fight, but the 2 seemed respectful after the unanimous decision victory for Yagin.

Harris Sarmiento = Kailua Grad

Good job HGers thats what I am talking about! So whats the deal with Niko and what went on with Shane and Kwan? I dont like the call outs in the ring, its a little WWE for me!

Any confirmation on low blow with moreno or was it an excuse?

Mark Moreno loses by TKO in 3rd round

kglurks - Bill "the grill" is from Paragon but comes toVegas often. you get a change to roll with Jeff Glover?