X1 Results!

Is/was Mark Moreno slated for a UFC debut this year?

Niko cuts SHivers with knee 50 seconds in...Cut stoppage Niko wins Middleweight Title!

Handful of people have told me "best X1 event ever"
Good for them.

you will never catch me publically saying it was very entertaining and the best x-1 event ive ever seen.  I will also deny that at one point Patrick and I were seen giving a standing ovation.

That one was a good fight though. I would have too but was busy checking my text messages. Damn phone.

Kaleo should've won, but then again Kaleo should've done more to not let it get to decision.

Brash/Waterman first rd. was nuts! Brash has a great future imo

Mark Moreno's opponent was good...skilled ziujits

Mia St. John looks better in print lol

Kaleo's fight was a tough one to judge. I have to admit being a judge. All we can do is live with the decision and work on more things. I was very happy with Kaleo's takedown defense. We have been working a lot on this and Shane is excellent in takedowns so that was a huge test. Kaleo's ground is coming together nice. We have a lot to go, but I am extremely happy with how much he is incorporating in less than a year of training with us. I feel like Kaleo is a snowball which is gaining size. We just have to get some W's and gain some momentum. I didn't like the fans booing Shane. He fought his heart out and it was a close fight.

I have to agree with T. Jay. This was easily the best X-1 ever! On paper it was great match ups. What was funny was the match ups that did not look good on paper like the Brash/Waterman fight turned out really well. Brash is tough as nails and if he did not get off of Waterman in round 1, I think he could have caused enough damage that he could have won the fight. He was stuffing takedowns, scrambling back to the standup, and was pretty good on the ground.

Jake Faagai was very impressive as well. If his shoulder did not pop out while on top of Cabbage, he would have finished him off. It was really classy of Cabbage to apologize for yelling at the fans last time. Cabbage is a really nice guy with a good heart. I think if more people knew him, they would agree.

The Eddie Yagin/Dave Moreno fight was easily the fight of the night. Both guys were tagging each other and pulling out some crazy stuff. Moreno had a nice spinning back kick that he pulled off a number of times and Eddie pulled off a nice reverse spinning crescent kick. That was the first I have seen that landed in MMA.

Doug Hiu looked 100% and executed some nice takedowns. When he fought Brash the first time, I think his knee was injured. Mahe looked very sharp as well. All the up and coming heavyweights were impressive and match up well with each other.

I could go on and on. Niko dominated positions and the stand up, but could not finish a very tough and talented Guel (who was trained by Ivan Salavary and listed to train with Dennis Hallman). Niko said he was tired coming in to the second fight, but won in spectacular fashion by missing a Superman punch, but immediately following up with a flying knee to bust open his opponent. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Other than Kaleo losing a close decision, I thoroughly enjoyed the long night of fights.

I have to admit, i was booing......the judges (not Shane)

I could've even seen Kaleo getting a draw, but a loss?

rd 1. 10-10 (if i was not allowed to score 10-10 id score rd for kaleo)

rd 2. 10-9 Shane

rd 3. 10-9 Kaleo

edited for alzheimers

I think you have round 2 and 3 mixed up or at least the second round incorrectly T. Jay. The second was where Shane took Kaleo down and kept him down for the longest. Did you think that Shane won round 3? I think the other two judges scored it

rd 1 Kaleo

rd 2 Shane

rd 3 Shane

But, I am not sure because I did not see the score cards.


Would the judges give points in favor of Shane because of his takedown attempts? If so, does Leo's takedown defense not count for anything? To me it should've nullified eachother.

Shane & Kaleo's fight was a tough one... Kaleo really improved his TD defense. I'm sure they'll meet up again. Those 2 fought their hearts out. Good job Kaleo, & congrats to Shane!!!

That ref sucked though.

What the hell was the ref doin in there.HAHAHA You the man Haynmat, You the man. Thanx everybody for the support out there. That was a fun fight, really put the Takedown Defense through the test on this one.All those drills up at O2 really paid off in there.(mahalo guys) was a tuff one to swallow but like everyones saying , cannot leave it in the hands of the judges (damn those judges). jus joking. Felt really good going into this one, the crew up at the EASTSIDAZ really pushed my cardio . Just gotta start putting the overall game together and well be back on track.Sh!t i was practicing my acceptance speach and i didnt get to use it.hahahaha. oh well back to the gym and get ready for the next one. Aloha everybody. KALEO

looking forward to the next fight....

classy post ^!


Takedown defense does not win you a round. It's the punishment that you can inflict standing because the fight does not go to the ground.

I agree it was a tough one to judge and I would like to see it again so that I can judge it with a cool, calm, clear head.

My voice is still horse.