X5 Transmission Problem

I read on the motorground that the 2004 X5 had tranny probs in cold weather, it would take awhile to engage. But it's been really cold this winter, single digits, and I have not experienced the problem. Sweet ride.

It's not cold weather that is the issue, but on cold starts. Not every transmission has the problem, but a certain production number are having problems with the transmission fluid not circulating initially which results in a delay engaging into gear.

We're having to replace those with a modified tranny that has corrected the problem.

Believe me, if yours had this problem you would definitely know it by know.

The X5 is an excellent vehicle!

i think some of them were recalled. Give the dealer a call and find out which ones.

There has not been any recalls on the X5. There are service bulletins out which address both the complaint and the resolution.

Many of the newer computer controlled cars have issues when they are put into gear and driven away before the starter has even wound down.

Best to wait a few seconds as the newer and more complex computers take a little longer to go through their start-up routines.

the only issue i've heard of on those are electrical but i don't remember the specifics.