X800 Video Cards

Does anyone know if there is a difference between the ATI Radeon X800 and the Celestica ATI Radeon X800 pro?

A guy I talked to claimed they were the same cards but I'm not so sure.

same chipset yes, same make and design of the card probably no

need alittle more info then u posted though, got any websites, not really up to doing a search on it, fuckin flu

I suspect you are right Jerkie.

Admittedly I haven't really done too much research on this myself.

The only write-ups I have read about are on www.ati.com and www.celestica.com.

ko0 bud

MSI is making ATI cards now, Asus and lots of others

check outthe benchmarks before u buy from anadatech and few other sites, u'll be happy with what ever card u buy

Thanks Jerkie, I will do that!

np dude, if u want, before u go to buy, let us know and someone here well let u know whats the best bang for ur buck

those new cards look fuckin sweeeeeeeeeeeet