I know what you're doing. And it's killing me.

Dude, please stop TTT'ing all of Kazja's threads.

He TTT's everybody's thread

I'm done, i'm sorry, i know the UG hates me right now, but i had to do it so people can see what this guy is all about.

Who is Chabasco Looney?!?!?!?

 ya, the funny thing is, you can read ALL those threads, and ALL his posts, and its still not apparent what his point is.

NameCaller - Who is Chabasco Looney?!?!?!?



dumb move. xakx gonna put that fire out with a bucket of gasoline?

Why don't U guys just ignore the thread?

why doesnt xakx just ignore kazja? i sense a weak male.

I have yet to read one thread of his so I don't know what the deal is.