Xanax sucks

I popped a full bar yesterday at 9am and I don't remember shit. Apparently I was in Disneyland because I found this Mickey mouse hat with the name "big daddy". I woke up this morning in a haze with pictures of me trying to hit up on some bbws. Moral of the story kids : don't do drugs. Phone Post 3.0

Bro and law has some for anxiety. He gave a pill at poker night with the boys. I didn't feel much at first so I said I wanted 2 more. Ended up stopping frozen while I was dealing cards. Just stopped and froze mid deal, my hand was even out holding a card that was about to be dealt (so I was told). Everyone started laughing, wondering what I was doing. I just got up and went to sleep.

I don't know why people like this stuff. Phone Post 3.0

I was addicted to them in my early 20s. For some reason they would make me happy, feel good and I could stay up night. I was taking them all day nearly every day. Now I am 31 and if I take half of one I'm dead asleep in 10 minutes. Phone Post 3.0

First time I took any of it I took one pill of a small dosage before a flight.  I was out cold, the wife said the only way she could tell I was alive was because she could see I was breathing.  Apparently it was a rough flight and I slept the whole way.  It was fantastic.



I stopped taking it because it turned off my filter. I got into an argument with my boss at the time and calmly told him, "I don't like your tone, better watch how you talk to me."

LOL, totally out of character for me to say something like that.

Xanax = zero fucks given.

I tried it.

Made me feel like a zombie for the next couple days.

No thanks. I'll stick with weed. Phone Post 3.0

Haha xanax rules Phone Post 3.0

I use it, dont abuse it. Your kinda right about zero fucks given, which is great for me because I was an overly anxious asshole giving waaaay to many fucks. Now Im a more relaxed asshole.

Lol @ zero fucks given. Thats why i love xanax. Phone Post 3.0

Had a script of it for a half year. Only took them when needed, they worked to calm me down. It helped get through my divorce Phone Post 3.0

I agree with everything said on this thread.

It causes blackouts.  It turns off your internal "give a fuck" filter which is great for me because it makes me much more sociable and talkative, it puts you to sleep, it relaxes you, it helps you deal with major stress and anxiety, etc..etc..

It's a great drug if used properly but it's also very addictive.  For me the best way to take it is a small dose with a shot of scotch.  That's what I do whenever I fly and it makes my flight so much more pleasant.  

Sounds awesome to me Phone Post 3.0

how much is a full bar?


I was taking Klonazempam (sp?) aka Kolonipin for a while, which I understand is in the same class as Xanax.

It was good for me. It had all the "chill" of a nice fat bowl but without all the muddle-headedness.

Morgz - 

how much is a full bar?


xanax is nice, when you're able to stay up and functional say at work it does indeed turn off your filter (think Office Space after he got hyptnotized). makes me feel warm and fuzzy relaxed like im a baby wrapped up in mama's blanket. but doesn't mentally slow me to a noticable point. the only thing people do notice is I go from an uptight asshole boss to a chill as fuck boss

to sleep, half a bar and you are out quick.

xanax also has the benefit of a quick onset >20mins (generally)

Xanax are the best and worst thing on the planet.

just dont overdo it. and you wont be a zombie retard, dont mix with large amounts of alcohol cause thats how you die or wake up with pee pants or shit in your pants because how depressed your central nervous system was.

also benzo withdrawal i've heard is worse than heroin withdrawal

if you drink on them

you WILL black out

after slurring like a dickhead and doing all kinds of dumb shit

I'd say just don't do em... ever

your tolerance goes thru the roof really fast

you can also die from benzo withdrawals

Wife got a script for em for anxiety, but she doesn't like them.  Makes her too groggy, and she's not down with that.  Her dose is tiny though...think it's .25mg.  She's a small person.