If you'd like to come train and learn from World Absolute BJJ Champ
Xande Ribeiro then come to Wahiawa Jiu-Jitsu this thurday Dec 21st at
6PM.. This is gonna be a 2hr workshop for only $30!!!! All are welcome so
come take advantage of Xande in Hawaii!!

dude u suck.

push it back a couple of days :P

Sorry Wutang, but Christmas is in a couple days so this is it!
No Mad Pussycat u do all the ....... lol

no really u suck.

in other words im sending wu to come train with you guys. HOOK him up he's a bro.

This faka helped me move, did you hear me HELPED me move.

SO jjd im pointing him in your direction for some good training my freng. But be gentle, he's been in LA for a few years.

I'm a townie..don't beat me up...

plus I'm small. 155-ish..maybe 165-ish after I'm pau eating..

Please don't highjack Xande's thread!! lol

more hits the better. dont be tight. spam is good.

Wutang just call when you get over here! Mad Pussycat has my #'s.

This "hi-jack" as you call is = free TTT mang!

Is he going to show his firemans takedown? I asked Pezao and he just brushed me off..cold..

yeah I got your # alright fruit cake!

pezao has big feet.

More hits the better as long as its not Mad Kitty's!! lol

I'm feeling some Laguna Beach's Woody's Bar love on this thread. I think it's time for me go..

"Woody's" is Mad Kitty's dojo! lol

yeah coming from the guy who lives in the valley and wrestles with porn stars..

Oh yeah TTT for a great seminar!

Nautica Thorn is tough...I can't pass her guard and she's always hitting the mounted triangle on me.

It's a hard life, but someones gotta do it.

TTT definately for a GREAT seminar! This guy beat Roger Gracie 2x this year!

Some guys have all the luck!!

Keep this up for Xande!! ttt

Wow! Unbelievable!