Xbox 360 Controller

Where can I find a rapid fire/turbo xbox 360 conroller that has the rapid fire/turbo on the triggers rather than the buttons?

Dude, I didnt delete your post. This is the first time I've clicked on it because I saw there was a post on it. Chill out

LOL. I'd have appreciated it Armbreaker.

I would have gotten a laugh out of it too, I'm sure. I think I even vouched for you a month or two ago if you were the one posting about a rogue mod deleting all of your posts.

Maybe you could try not being a dick? Just a thought.

This is the OG. We are all dicks! The forum was founded on it.

I forgive you. If I was a mod, i would reinstate all of your posts.

Actually, I want a good arcade stick for the 360. Something sturdy. FN3 is pretty rough on the thumbsticks.