xbox 360 on regular tv

Are the 360's graphics visibly better than xbox on a regular tv? I'm thinking about picking one up for the kids (me) but haven't purchased an HD TV yet. Also, can you now play most of the xbox games on it?

It's still going to look better, because generally there are higher poly counts, better textures, and more effects (depth of field, motion blur, HDR, etc). It might not blow you away, though, because some of the increased detail is going to be lost since you're losing half the resolution by playing on a regular tv.

I think there's a complete backwards compatibility list at the official site.

it will look better....I actually had my Xbox 360 hooked up to my plasma in regular TV mode then i realized this and put it to HDTV the next night and I was blown away by the graphics

I have exactly 191 XBox games, and the split is 68 / 123 (68 are BC, 123 are not). If I could wave a magic wand and have BC for all the ones I really like, I'd add about 40 from that list of 123 (games like Breakdown, Chronicles of Riddick, Def Jam: Fight for New York, Freedom Fighters, the Oddworld games, the Otogi games, Prince of Persia #2 and #3, Panzer Dragoon, Psychonauts, Shenmue, etc. - not exactly a list of crummy games). Keep in mind that any game that has a 360 version (like Tomb Raider: Legend or GRAW) or equivalent game (Morrowind, compared to Oblivion), or almost all sports games will basically NEVER be BC.

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I used to play my 360 on a regular TV and there is no comparision to regular Xbox... I never really understood why people actually claimed so (I think they were just trying to feel cool for having an HDTV).

There are way more things that make up good graphics than having a higher resolution. Shadows, effects, etc. all create an overall better look of graphics, and the 360 can do alot more then just increase the resolution.

So yes, the graphics of the 360 on a regular TV are still waaaay better than on the regular Xbox. Anyone who claims different probly hasn't played an Xbox game in a while.

That said though, now that I have and HDTV, the graphics are EVEN better.

I was wondering on the backward compatible hting because I'm considering trading in the original XBox on the 360 to save some $$$