Xbox 360 online gamers

Forgive a mud-namer for not having the 'search' option, but what is your gamer tag and what games do you mostly play online??

GT: MaYheM Miller 1 Games: Rainbow Six Las Vegas, CoD3, Gears of War.

GT = BraboChoke

Vegas, GRAW 2

I have GOW but got grenade tagged to oblivian once and threw my toy's out of my pram. Got the new maps the other day though so am looking to get back into it.


You can catch me on R6:Vegas mostly and I'm waiting for my Forza2 from gamefly

Too Rude420 Graw 2, Gears, Lost Planet

GT: K1NGof LateNite

Who's IronCityMMA? I just accepted your friends invite. Cool.