XBOX 360 Sales

Does anyone have the numbers for units sold in the U.S thus far?

Memnock thats just retarted, it's been announced at around a fafillion.

seriously, are there any solid numbers on how much product theyve pushed thus far?



Xbox 360 has sold 3.2 million units worldwide.

damn, i would have thought it would be more worldwide. deosnt look like they are going to have a huge advantage over the PS3

They'll do fine. They've had supply problems up until now. They're getting systems out to stores, who will be VERY well stocked for Xmas 2006.

PS3 will not be, and will likely face the same shortages of the 360 and the PS2, for that matter. Xbox will be able to compete on a price level (drop the price by $100?) and show off their 2nd-wave software.