can't get into XBL and going to doesn't work either - even if I link from the microsoft home page.

Internet works fine, as I'm typing this from the same connection.

anyone else?

yup, on twitter says it's down

thank you

The flaming has to be incredible

Users may experience difficulties with the following services:

Signing in to Xbox LIVE
Xbox LIVE connectivity

Affecting the following LIVE Platforms:

Xbox 360 Console

6/20/2013 11:32:31 AM PDT:

Hi Xbox Members! We are aware there is an issue with sign in and connectivity on Xbox LIVE. We are hard at work to get you back online as soon as possible! Check back here in half an hour for an update.

Phone Post 3.0

i'm back. try it

I'm on Live right now but had some issues connecting a bit ago. I thought it way my router n I went n reset it and then I could get on. Phone Post 3.0

Par for the course!

The hilarity ensues. Get yourself together Microsoft!!!!

Heh hehe eh heh