Xbox day 1 impressions vs PS4

Just started playing with the xbox one last night. the biggest wow factor for me was being able to plug my directv into it and then the xbox into the tv this only hogging 1 hdmi. doesnt sound like a big deal but it is for me, i hate the input button and having to find the controller all the time since i have multiple hdmis connected.

the kinect so far has worked pretty well for me. you have to follow the commands pretty close, i found a list i am keeping up with until i get the exact words memorized. the biggest problem i had was Xbox On.

playing with smartglass for the first time too, its pretty sweet.

controller is awesome as always. but not rechargeable which sucks. headset packin is better than the ps4 pack in.

ill still be buying most of my games for the ps4 bc right now that is what most of my friends play on and that is what matters the most. got a feeling the xbox is gonna end up running away with this down the line though. im gonna end up being a sucker for the entertainment machine even though i had no interest originally

Jockey - Yep the Xbox will eventually garner more interest because of its multimedia features Phone Post 3.0

It seems like a lot of the multimedia functionality (connection to stb etc) is only compatible in the US. If that is the case MS may do well in the US but lose in all other markets.

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My knock on the PS4 would be the battery life of the controller. It sucks. You get 5-6 hours of gameplay before recharge and I assume that will get worse with time. Being the cheap ass I am, I will have to find a way to manually replace the batteries with a cheap Chinese one later on down the road when they lose charge.

Also the cheap mic and lack of a Bluetooth mic. I loved my old 360 Bluetooth mic and PS needs to do something similar.

pun we are gonna be playing ghosts tonight around 10ish ill add you. me and 1 or 2 other friends. i miss my turtle beaches right now but im getting by.

Someone said you can get something like a 2.5 to 3.5 adapter and plug them into the PS4. I have not looked into it yet, but I do remember seeing that somewhere.

I have a second controller sitting around in a ox waiting for a good mod chip to get released as well.