Xbox Emulator Plays Retail Game

Ryan M. Pamplin writes "The critically acclaimed Xbox Emulator, CXBX, has made its way into Xbox history. Caustik has announced that "Turok Evolution" is now playable at real-time speed with comparable graphics to the Xbox while utilizing nearly the same graphics hardware found within the Xbox itself. The development of CXBX will continue to advance at rapid pace. Expect many additional titles to become playable upon the release of the next binary in the near future. A DivX video, binary, and GPL'ed source is available at the website."

Source: Slashdot

Sounds like good news to me =)

heh heh. Another victory.

Looking forward to playing Fight Night without having to spend £180.


bleemcast anyone heheh

Awesome. Now I'm glad I sold my Xbox.

Hmm, now if we could only get Xbox live to work through the emulator.

The death that would follow...


Actually I don't think this was the first working Xbox emu.

Xeon 1.0 is out and you can play Halo on it.

Wasabi, PS2 is next biotch. The PC will assimilate all.

*cheers for PS2 emu*

Good stuff.