Xbox for $99 Bucks?

"NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – For the past two years, Microsoft has established a reputation as a follower in the video game war. When Sony acted, Microsoft reacted – especially when it came to price cuts. Things could be about to change.

Microsoft's Xbox may be on the verge of a substantial price cut, falling from $179 to $99 by Labor Day, according to P.J. McNealy, an analyst with American Technology Research."

hmm, maybe i might get one to mod if that happens



They are going to sell sick amounts of XBoxes if they do that. The Gamecube is going to have to drop to $50 if they hope to

ya mna, if this happens, i think im gonna grab one and mod it for sure, add a 120 GB hdd or some shit and put all the game on the hdd

does anyone know if it's possible to add ram to one?

not sure man, i dont thik, well i never heard of that been done, i know peeps had new HDD's all the time, but never heard on the ram factor

check out some Mod sites

Awesome. Linux box for $99 is a deal. :-)

The RAM is built into the motherboard. I've never heard of anyone adding memory to it. If it's possible, it must be really fucking complicated.

lol @ linux box for $99

sooooo true


thankx MS lol

ttt for cheap linux box