Xbox HD help!

Gawd dammit... I should have never bought this xbox.

Okay, let me run through what I have:

Old xbox with: Original HD, Modchip,.

New xbox with: Dead original HD, no mod chip, not modded.

a spare 40gig HD.

Is there anyway I can get my old xbox's HD into the new xbox, and the spare 40gig into the mod chipped xbox?

Additional Info. I can do the soft mod easily, but without a working HD, how can I softmod?

Can anyone help me?

I think the eeprom on the HD is tied to a specific xbox. So, I don't think that would work. However, since it's junked anyway, I would try to clone the old harddrive onto the 40GB using xboxhdm, and see if it will work with the HD unlocked. I was going to try this once with a new xbox, but I was scared I would fuck it up.

Keep in mind I've never actually done this, so I don't know if it will work or not.

Yeah, I'm kinda scared by this possibility as well...

But I'm too lazy to solder on a new mod chip.

Does anyone know when the HD locks? As you are powering it off?

Could I technically work a swap trick? Unlock the old drive with the box with the modchip, then while it's unlocked, cable swap it into the newer xbox without the modchip and it should lock it with it's code that matches the xbox's code?

Okay, now I'm having massive problems.

I swapped the drives between xboxes just fine, to be completely honest. I had to put a second mod chip in the box to get it to boot. But now I'm having problems.

What program can I use to relock the HD now so it can boot up normally? I'd like to keep the modchip for situations like this.

the x3 chip had a built in menu that could be accessed by holding down the white button on the controller, and a lot of things could be done through that... does the 2.3b have the same?

Never mind... LOL

All taken care of now.

so what did you come up with

A solution.

Okay, here's what I did.

Copied everything from the old 10gig drive onto my computer. Unlocked the drive using my modchip's menu.

Stuck the New drive on my Modded X-box. Formatted it and copied back everything from my old 10gig drive onto it using the Computer as a holding pen and Smart FTP.

Soldered an old 2.3 lite xecuter chip on the newer xbox. It was a 1.0 version so it took like 3 minutes to do all the soldering. FTP'ed to it, put config magic on it.

Booted it up, locked the 10gig drive using Config Magic. Booted it up with the modchip off. Soft modded it using the UXE method.

Removed the modchip. Put everything back together, booted it up and boom, it was all set.