Xbox Live Account Hacked

Logged in yesterday and a pop up game saying my GT was logged into another console, weird, go check my points balance and sure enough they made off with 2800 points. I'm so very glad I had my credit card removed from my account a few years back. I called MS and now they're locking my account for up to a month, sweet. I read somewhere that it's some loophole in the account migration policy in Europe that hackers are exploiting to jack peoples accounts.

Anybody had this happen to them? Did you get your points back? Phone Post

Yeah man, happened to a friend of mine and Microsoft gave him 5k points and an extra year. They told him about 2 months he had to wait before they could sort it all out. Happened end of October so he missed battlefield and mw3 releases! Phone Post

it happened to me too a couple months ago.
i received an extra month of LIVE and my original points back to my account. it took about a month.

the hacker(s) used my points to buy FIFA gold/premium packs, whatever that is. they did get some achievements for me on that game despite me never playing it, though! haha