Xbox modding software

Im having trouble finding some of the software necessary to mod a Xbox, is there anybody here that's done it that can point me in the right direction or send me the files?

errr no of course not Jockey...

Ive been to xbox-scene but I guess some of the software necessary to mod your xbox is illegal because it was compiled with a hacked/stolen MS compiler so they wont supply it. The software is called EvolutionX.

This text was taken from

"Where can I find EvolutionX ?
For legal reasons It won't be posted here or on our forum. So don't request it."

My question is, does anybody here know where I can get the EvolutionX software?

there's some pretty good info at techtv's website.

use an IRC client and go to #xbins on efnet.

arclight speaks the truth

arclight thanks for the info, I figured I was going to have to do something like that. Do you know the exact names of the files I'd need to download?

After a little research I was able to answer my own question, you need:


default.xbe - rename this file to xboxdash.xbe (or if your hacked bios boots to evoxdash.xbe , rename it to evoxdash.xbe)

Looks like you have to create an ISO (CD image by using Nero) of these two files in order to boot the EvolutionX dashboard.