xbox ninja gaiden = 2 damn hard

C'mon, I cant get past that tiron city level. Anyone have any pointers? Cheats?

I really don't understand why people think it's so hard. What part are you stuck at, is it the whole level or a boss?

it's not too hard it's probably the best action game ever. My bitch is the lame ass camera at times fucks you over (see 2nd lvl boss and many jumping puzzles)

Yep, camera sucked really bad some times but I don't think it ever got me killed.

just practise your fighting skill.

Use the arial attacks to death, that is Ryu's bread and butter. Block loads and keep moving. Your gonna hate it if your having trouble on the Tairon level.

I must say, it's pretty hard, but it's nice to have a game this way rather than the usual too easy, too short.

The guy on horseback on the 2nd level shit me to tears, and it was the camera that made it hard. Apart from that though.... *drools*.

use jump attack at the enemies or the walljump slice thingy