Xbox one destiny

I need people for some raids tonight. We need better gear and stuff. Gonna focus on the dark below. Who's down?

TXI HERCULES Phone Post 3.0

I'm down. I play normally on the weekends and occasionally during the week if I have time after work. My gt is EminemToldMeTo Phone Post 3.0

Does tonight count as a weekend for you? Phone Post 3.0

Yeah I'm off work so I'm down Phone Post 3.0

Ok I'm gonna add you guys. Later on tonight we will raid. Need one more person. Phone Post 3.0

What a goddamn disappointment that game was, all smoke and mirrors.... Phone Post 3.0

There is a big thread on gamer ground guys. Phone Post 3.0

Add me. Don't have dark below do have House of wolves. Any other raids I'm down for. I just got bad juju and looking to level it up.
I work tonight but SAT and sun im free

GT: BuckysLeftArm Phone Post 3.0

Sorry about last night I was pretty tired and passed out around 8 but if you want to do something tonight I should be on Phone Post 3.0