Xbox One Kinect News

From IGN:

In addition to reversing its used game DRM policies for Xbox One, Microsoft has revealed that the console will no longer require Kinect to function. In our latest Ask Microsoft Anything, Xbox Corporate Vice President Marc Whitten revealed that Xbox One owners will be able to use all of the console's core functions regardless of whether the new Kinect sensor is connected. Naturally, many of the tentpole features of the new Kinect, such as player identification, voice commands, etc., will be disabled as a result, but players will still be able to play games and access entertainment content.


The news represents yet another significant revision to the company's next-gen strategy. Shortly after E3 in June, Microsoft announced that it had revised its plans to restrict used games and require a constant online connection in order for the Xbox One to function following backlash from the fan community. What remained unclear, however, was whether owners would still be obligated to have the Kinect sensor connected and, perhaps more importantly, what would happen if the peripheral became damaged or ceased to function.

To see Whitten's answers to questions about the system's gameplay DVR functionality, cross-platform achievements, and more check out the full AMA.

Again the more people think about these stupid DRM locks and other measures the more they appear flawed and or ludicrous. Phone Post 3.0

Good news. Not sure how some of these features ever even made it to E3. Don't they have focus groups and shit telling em how stupid all this was?

i would have been shocked if they didn't do this!

huge news. the xbox one we see today is far different than the one from e3. sadly it just to lil to late. if they would've shown this xbox at e3 i prolly would of ordered one. i went with sony because of all the bs that xbox tried to pull at first

I remained open minded and level headed while patiently waiting for all the facts and particulars to materialize prior to jumping the gun and picking a side. I just figured that would be the most mature and intelligent approach to the situation. Phone Post

So this means the should sell a version without the kinect as the exact same price as the PS4 about time they could see the writing on the wall